AMA Membership

AMA membership is available to all individuals, companies and entities working in the field of mariculture and/or interested in the development of the mariculture industry in Alaska. We have two classes of membership opportunities: Voting Members and Supporting Members.  See the breakdown below.

All AMA members have the opportunity to help support, coordinate and guide mariculture development in Alaska. However, only Voting Members are eligible to run for the Board of Directors and can vote at membership meetings.
All membership applications will be reviewed and approved by the AMA Board of Directors. Once approved, AMA will send an invoice for membership dues.

Contact information:
Jason Lessard, Executive Director

Voting Members

To qualify for this class of membership, applicants must demonstrate direct involvement in the development of the mariculture industry in Alaska. This level of membership is open to any any grower, harvester, processor, nursery or hatchery of shellfish or seaweed in Alaska, whether an individual, co-partnership, or corporation (for- profit or non-profit); regional or village corporations formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA); tribes; community development quota (CDQ) groups; municipalities of the State of Alaska; and research entities.
Annual dues are $250

Supporting Members

This membership is open to any individuals, businesses or non-profits aligned with the purposes of the AMA.
Annual dues are $100


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